Why Choose Us?

The WT Howards team have a genuine, personal desire to provide a service of quality and meaning to our families through our compassion and empathy. We go that extra mile to ensure your loved one is treated with respect and dignity and their service is the perfect representation of a life well lived.


There is more than one way to say goodbye to a loved one – every goodbye is as unique as the person we are remembering. A funeral is an opportunity to celebrate the life of someone very special in a very special way. We offer funerals to reflect any aspect of a person’s life and individuality, whether that be a Harley Davidson hearse, a horse-drawn hearse, a ceremony by the beach, on a farm or in a park. If it is important to you, it is important to us.


Planning a personalised ceremony can help you begin the healing process. Coping with grief is never easy, and having a special and meaningful funeral tribute is an important step on that journey. We encourage you to ask questions, no matter how big or small. Discuss and consider all options available and choose the one that best meets your financial and personal wishes, while keeping in mind the preferences of the departed.


We believe sensitivity is key when providing funerals for children and babies. We are here to support parents and families that have suffered the loss of a child at any age. When you need support and assistance to arrange a funeral for your child, please contact us. Several of our staff have experienced the loss of a child and can pass on our experience and knowledge of grief to help you through the process of farewelling your loved one.

Personal Details Form

To help assist with your pre-planning arrangements, please download and complete our “Personal Details Record for Births, Deaths and Marriages” form and then bring it along to the pre-planning appointment. Phone 6552 1057 to arrange your appointment time.

A Pre-Paid Funeral

A pre-paid funeral plan is when you arrange and purchase your funeral in advance. This means that you make all the important decisions yourself, taking away the emotional and financial burden from your family. Details of your wishes for your service are documented in a pre-paid funeral contract. The funeral plan is a government-regulated investment scheme, ensuring your money is secure. At WT Howard Funerals we can help you arrange a pre-paid funeral plan.

A Pre-Arranged Funeral

Most people find it difficult to think about their own funeral. In spite of this, more and more people are realising the benefits of planning in advance. Those who choose to pre-plan understand how helpful it will be for a grieving family to know the funeral wishes of their loved one. A prearranged funeral service is when the details of the service are arranged prior to the time of a loved one’s death, but payment is deferred until the time of service. This is often helpful when a family member is very elderly or suffering from a terminal illness. WT Howard Funerals offer this service, to give families peace of mind in knowing that all the details have been arranged.

Funeral Bonds

A funeral bond is an investment which enables you to put aside funds to meet future funeral expenses. An investment in a funeral bond is similar to a trust account which accrues bonuses and becomes payable at the time of death. The benefits can only be used to meet your funeral expenses. A funeral bond is an investment towards the cost of a funeral. Should final costs be either more or less than the investment, we either issue an account or a refund to the estate for the balance. Wt Howard Funerals can help to arrange a Bond investment plan.